Dante Royale

Shield wielding Gladiator


Strength: 19
Dexterity: 13
Constitution: 17
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 11
Charisma: 14

Armour Class: 18 (with Shield)

Longsword, handaxes (x2) and a spear.
Chainmail, shield and explorers pack.

Feats: Athlete and Shield Master

Fighter: Dueling Fighting Style, Champion

Character Appearance
• Baby faced with light stubble, closely shaved sides of heads sporting a nine spiked long golden Mohawk down the centre of my head. Dante’s hair is very well attended. Oils and a personally crafted shampoo.
• Dusky brown coloured skin, ripped athletic build stands about 6’1.
• 3 notable scars:
o Chemical burn on left forearm, three fang marks around it. Bordeaux’s doing.
o Scar along the back of left should running up the side of the neck. Forgot about the lions in a combat, a very lucky escape.
o Deep scar on right thigh, a spear pierced it. Dante was too slow getting back up. That won’t happen again.
• Wears maroon and gold when fighting in the Grand Arena’s.
• Likes to exercise naked or as close to naked as practical.
• For Combat Training purposes: Dante has custom made chain mail that both clings tightly to him and acts a bit like a weight vest. Outside of the weight he feels no restriction to movement.


Character History
• My parents were gladiator fanatics. Mum more so then Dad, even though Dad was a former gladiator. A few of my sisters dabbled as gladiatrix. I was their only son, there was only one thing I was ever going to become: the champion.
• My parents owned a training academy. They fell badly into debt and the ownership of the academy passed to the debtors when I was 18. The new owners were not such sport enthusiasts but they seemed felt having an academy was good for their other businesses. The amount of money they invested into the academy slowed after a few years.
• I became the Academy’s premier first rank gladiator when I was 23. The first rank gladiators were still afforded good equipment. Not as fine or as grand as the major academies but we could compete.
• The second rank gladiators suffered from the limited investment. They got weak or splintered shields, blunt or fractured swords and poorly designed armour. It wasn’t fair, the second rank guys were the supporting acts. They weren’t as famous as us, when they were defeated the crowd was much more likely to vote for death. The new owners thought it was good for business to see a couple of deaths before the main stars took to the arena.
• In one of our lessor fights, I made a bet outside all the rules. I bet that I would lose. It was a Premier v Premier bout between academies, no one else’s life would be in danger. I took a dive, I made it look good, I went down, I stayed down. The audience was none the wiser. I collected the winnings on the side and bought the academy’s second rank stars some good equipment. Everyone should be given a fair chance to fight.
• The sponsor wasn’t fooled, he was both furious and opportunistic. He wanted me to take a dive for him, so he could collect some big winnings. No way!
• The sponsor kicked me out of the Academy but didn’t cancel my contract. He told all the arena’s what he thought I did even though he couldn’t prove it. He told all the other Academies that I was an ungrateful prima donna that he had to make an example of. None of the major academies wanted to buy my contract.
• Long story short: I can’t fight in the Grand Arena’s for another year. I will fight without Academy backing if I have to.
• I need a way of keeping fit and getting better. I also want enough money to buy out my own contract or better yet buy back my family’s academy.

Dante Royale

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