Drows Long Night in Faerûn

The Beautiful but Deadly Wagon
A Man and His Monkey

The party left Krezk in search of the man with the monkey. It was a clue Garrius received from the old hags fortune telling the night before.

While en-route to the city of Vallaki, Hashtani discovered a beautiful wagon and a less beautiful tower just off the road. The party promptly approached the wagon and gathered around ready for whatever was inside as Garrius expertly unlocked it and opened the door – BOOM!
The wagon was rigged to explode if opened, something Garrius missed.

After they gathered themselves up they decided to enter the tower. The entrance to the tower door had odd markings that were deciphered by Bastion, they were infact sweet dance moves. Dante Royale and Jimbaloo used that knowledge and danced the door open.

The tower was in varying degrees of dilapidation, the first to enter was Dante Royale. Standing in the centre of the room were golems holding onto a chain, spread out throughout the floor were empty crates and other worthless items. It was discovered the golems operated an elevator that Jimbaloo and Dante Royale used to take them too the top of the tower. On the top floor they found an embalmed head in a chest and a piece of magical armour (which Hashtani later discovered was magical animated amour that would obey his commands).

After exploring the tower the party continued on and finally reached the gates of Vallaki. Here the party split up; Jimbaloo and Hashtani going to Blinksy’s toy store and the rest visiting the tavern to find the ring master and the man with the monkey.

Dante and Barac entered the tavern with seemingly different intentions. Dante was curious to find the man owning a monkey they had heard much about. The barkeep directed him towards a man wearing a hat indoors who was enthralling all nearby with tales.

Dante and Alfonso offered Master Ricktavio a drink, things were going well when Ricktavio invited them upstairs to his room. Once inside, Ricktavio revealed himself to be Von Helsing (I can’t remember his name).

He had traveled to Barovia with the sole purpose; to bring Count Strahd von Zarovich to justice. He had a Sabre Tooth Tiger at his command and was setting out that very evening to hunt for Vistani?

Dante realising this stroke of luck sent Alfonso to fetch the others. Alfonso made no effort to do so. Dante left with all haste to gather everyone. Barac was particularly fond of Von Helsing.

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