Tag: The Matron


  • The Moonstone Masks

    The Moonstone Masks are a group of individuals who under the leadership of [[:the-matron | The Matron]] came into power in the south half of [[Neverwinter]] during the civil war that took place there between the humans and the other races. Their …

  • The Matron

    She is in charge of the group who commands the south half of [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]], [[The Moonstone Masks | The Moonstone Masks]] She is one of the people who originally sent the party on their quest to save the realm.

  • Andraste

    The adventurers met her in the town of [[Baulders Gate]] in the city library. She introduced the party to the wizard [[:belamir | Belamir]]. After the party retrieved the map from the Drow she informed the party about [[:tharizdun | Tharizdun]] and the …